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Video Analytics

Video Analytics

The Evolution of Video Analytics in the past few years has changed the face of the industry, from retail and construction through to autonomous vehicles, security and media. The latest Video analytics systems give new meaning to security and public safety and have immensely contributed to the managing of crowded places. At Acuiti Labs we use state-of-the-art algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to correctly analyse video footage and live video feeds to determine anomalous behaviour and security events. 

Acuiti Labs’ intelligent video analytics services can work in real time with video streaming or in post-event analysis. We identify attributes and patterns of any specific behaviour determined by our clients and apply behavioural analytics to flag anomalous behaviour. 

Benefits of Video Analytics services offered at Acuiti Labs:

  • Real-time alerting
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved security
  • Real-time and Predictive analytics
  • Intuitive user experience

Our Video Analytics Solutions


Face Recognition

Acuiti Labs solutions compare live images to a database of pre-stored and analysed face prints and verifies the identity of any individualIt is with the help of artificial intelligence and smart systems that our facial recognition techniquecan be used in crowded locations like Airports, metro stations, construction sites and retail locations to provide real-time information to our clients.


Object Detection

Object detection plays an important part of video analytics’ role in finding, classifying and analysing any object visible in an image. Object detection at Acuiti Labs is simple yet effective, locating instances of objects that can include human faces, animals, or any object in any imagevideo or live video stream


People Tracking

Video analytics is the perfect way to keep a track of any situation before or during any suspicious activity (e.g.  tracking time of entry and analysing for suspicious behaviour in a metro station). At Acuiti Labs we use the latest in video analytics technology to recogniseanalyse, store and recall images of human faces for use in a variety of business applications.

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