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SAP Subscription Billing

Why SAP Subscription Billing?

SAP Subscription Billing solution also called Subscription Revenue Management solution for Experience Economy. SAP Subscription Billing solution helps to innovate with agility and achieve transparency across the entire revenue management process. It is widely accepted that SAP Subscription Billing is the most scalable, flexible, highly-automated billing, invoicing and revenue management solutions available today.

It is recognized as a leading revenue management solution among its competitors. SAP Subscription Billing gives you the power to nimbly deliver new innovative offers that set the consumer trend. It helps you accurately anticipate the impact of new pricing models, combining both products and services, basing offers on direct consumer insight, ensuring the best outcome for both sides. 

With SAP Subscription Billing solution meet the ever evolving needs of the outcome economy that will let you plan, innovate, and adapt your business model with speed and agility. This solution provides a simplified and automated approach to billing and ordering processes that helps you create and monetize new offers quickly and effectively as well.


Billing Automation with SAP Subscription Billing

Billing Automation with SAP Subscription Billing

Key Features

Subscription Order Capture

  • Rapidly deploy quote-to-cash capabilities while complementing your on-premise investments.
  • Adjust prices and bundle components as required and configure an quote approval process.


  •  Integration to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, for Convergent invoicing, for billing and invoicing of rated items from internal and external systems.



Subscription Order Mgmt 

  • Automate order fulfillment processes and contract lifecycle management across multiple systems.
  • Provide targeted subscription offers and consistent omni-channel experience to existing subscriptions.

Contract Accounting

  • Integration to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud. for managing receivables and payables, and postings to the general ledger.


Consolidated Billing

  • Manage revenue, billing for subscriptions, one-time billing, and usage-based billing scenarios.
  • Accelerate deal cycles and sell more by dynamically bundling products and services.

Customer Financial Mgmt

  • Manage the revenue flow with highly-automated receivables and payments handling.
  • Managed credit and collections that gives your agents a 360° view of financial customer data .



Customer Experience

Key Benefits


  • Easy to Launch new pricing and manage the same
  • Charging and billing models faster and flexible like never before
  • Open new revenue streams
  • Personalize your B2B offerings to engage better with your customers

Efficient Revenue Management

  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering more relevant pricing.
  • Improve financial performance by tracking any leakages in billing system
  • Get to create converged view of customer accounts, receivables, payable's and disputes


  • Choose to deploy either the complete next generation Billing system.
  • Or, choose to deploy the solution in smaller implementable steps
  • This will help you implement a solution based to the targeted incremental value

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