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SAP Entitlement Management

Why SAP Entitlement?

The SAP Entitlement Management lets you meet the needs of increasingly technology-friendly consumers by creating innovative business models and solution packages with ease. The SAP Entitlement Management provides solutions to streamline and automate entitlement processes and dynamic authorization management to support intelligent decision making and strategic business planning.

This includes entitlement modeling, lifecycle management, workflow, integration, reporting and monitoring.The solution supports software, service, hardware and content related usage rights. SAP Entitlement Management is a native SaaS solution that comes with high degree of flexibility, agility and a great user-experience.

It is the best choice for multi-tenant cloud deployment scenarios. It also provides you various provisions to increase transparency into entitlements. The best of all is the facility for automated processing of a high volume of entitlements. In a nutshell, it helps you Scale and optimize your entitlement management processes by automating routine tasks and consolidating your IT landscape with a flexible and highly-scalable cloud solution.

SAP Entitlement Management Touchpoints

SAP Entitlement Management Touchpoints

Key Features


  • Freely define new entitlement models
  • Maintain custom set of attributes
    such as business categories, rights, distribution channels, units and geolocation.
  • Assign entitlement models to offerings

Integration &
Migration Support 

  • Integrate with S/4 HANA on-premise order management
  • Harness out-of-the-box set of API services to integrate with other SAP or non-SAP systems.

Entitlement Lifecycle Management

  • Define new entitlement models and detail how events affecting them should be processes.
  • Assign entitlement models to innovate new offerings with ease and agility.
  • Define custom alerts while maintaining the status of your entitlements throughout their lifetime.

& Analytics

  • Report per customer, product, entitlement and custom defined criteria
  • Provide customer insight on current, past and expiring entitlements through a user-friendly dashboard.


  • Enable up-to-date visibility of entitlements
    as defined in modeling and related product assignments.
  • Utilize highly-scalable repository to grow and adjust with business requirements
  • Access complete history audit.                                  

Sales, Support
& Self-service 

  • Simulate entitlements at quotation level.
  • Automate renewal process with co-termination logic
  • Enable self-service scenarios and custom views for sales, support and customers with APIs.

Key Benefits

Boost Sales and Revenue

  • Accurate and timely insight into customer entitlements.
  • Assure that no renewal, cross or up-sell opportunity is ever missed.
  • Limit revenue leakage due to unauthorized usage of software, subscriptions and product bundles.               

Accelerate Innovation

  • Enable teams to quickly deploy new offerings to the market and related entitlements.
  • Track and assess performance of offerings and adjust them as required. 

Better Team Outcomes 

  • Accelerate innovation and deliver better outcomes
  • Enable your teams to quickly deploy new offers with related entitlements, then track performance to inform and iterate as required.
  • The solution is a native SaaS solution that offers a high degree of flexibility, agility and a great user experience.

Transparent Entitlement

  • Enable entitlement-related self-service, alerts and reminders.
  • Provide your customers a transparent view of their entitlements with a wide range of relevant self-services, alerts, and reminders.

Flourish with Public Cloud

  • Reduce IT complexity and costs with ever growing and changing business requirements.
  • Increase speed-to-market with  new product offerings.
  • Take advantage of fast SAP innovation release cycles.                                                                                         

Improve Operations

  • Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs by automating high-volume entitlement processes.
  • Enable IT and entitlement administrators with a tool to deploy, manage and report on any type of entitlement.

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