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Upgrade and Support for SAP (Hybris) Commerce

Why Upgrade?

To keep you ahead of the competition, new versions of SAP Hybris Commerce are getting rolled out with new features. Which also means that your previous version reaches a point where limitations creep in and while running older versions, it becomes difficult to utilise these new features.

Specifically, an SAP Commerce upgrade would be necessary to improve supportabilitybring the platform to latest security standards and avail new functionalities in the latest version.

We know it can be challenging to decide exactly when to upgrade. So read more to ease-up your decision making.        

Quick Self-Evaluation for your Platform

How Long have you been running on your version of SAP Hybris Commerce platform?

  • If it is more than 2 years then you might really miss out on latest releases and functionalities that shall help you to keep pace with your competitors.
  • Applying latest patches for bugs is necessary to avoid any security issues.


Are you satisfied with your current version of SAP Commerce? Is it meeting expected customer expectations?

  • In Ecommerce ecosystem, competition is very stiff and always evolving. Consumers get attracted to new features introduced by platforms and continue using it regularly as these features provide a better & new experience. It’s time to take a thorough look at your platform and identifying improvements required.
  • Our SAP solutions architect can help you analyse your SAP commerce platform for improvements.  


Are you looking to scale up your business in next coming years?

  • Expansion in terms of new geographies, product-line/brand, strategy; all triggers for more support, more scalability features to meet projected needs at technical and functional level.
  • Upgrading to a newer version of SAP Hybris commerce will help you maintain these needs & deliver improved customer experience to existing customers and to a new audience.

Our Process

Upgrade Path  

Based on your current platform version, we start with identifying available upgrade paths provided by SAP.  We refer product availability matrix (PAM) for the same and once upgrade path is identified, we help you choose possible upgrade approach. Picture below is the PAM for SAP Hybris Commerce versions providing information on software version release date, upgrade path and maintenance duration's. The 'End of Version Supportability' date corresponding to each version indicates that the version will no longer be supported.

So performing a technical or a functional upgrade regularly is the best possible way to avoid any performance and security issues. Due to dependency between every released versions, it becomes necessary to follow the structured upgrade paths without directly jumping to the latest version.


    Product Name    Release to Customer    End of Version Supportability
    SAP Hybris Commerce 6.2    19.10.2016    25.01.2019
    SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3    25.01.2017    31.05.2019
    SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4    31.05.2017    30.08.2019
    SAP Hybris Commerce 6.5    30.08.2017    13.12.2019
    SAP Hybris Commerce 6.6    13.12.2017    11.04.2020
    SAP Hybris Commerce 6.7    11.04.2018    08.08.2020
    SAP Hybris Commerce 1808    08.08.2018    12.12.2020
    SAP Commerce 1811    12.12.2018    12.12.2020

Product Availability Matrix for SAP Hybris Commerce


Upgrade approach  

Based on the selected upgrade path, we analyse your current version to be suitable for a technical or a functional upgrade.

  • Technical Upgrade:- A fast approach focused on the upgrade of technology (code, data, configuration). Your current functionality remains intact.
  • Functional upgrade:- Implementation of new functionalities, improvement & adding new business processes and scenarios.



End-result of a Successful Upgrade

Up-to-the minute Functionality

You would be able to utilise all the latest features available in the latest version improving your platform's customer experience.

Enhanced Integration capabilities

Easy integration with SAP & non-SAP systems through latest integration features like Data Hub, open APIs/standards.

Run on fully supported version 

A supported version reduces production system downtime (during emergencies),  improves platform security with latest security standards, patches, fixes.


 Replace custom-code with out-of-the box functionality available in the latest version and be ready to stack-up against your competition.

Production Support and Application Maintenance

Improving existing features/bug-fixing and maintenance of you SAP Hybris platform is an important activity to ensure that your site stability and reliability is achieved without fail for delivering continuous service and a better customer experience. We fulfill your support needs by providing a dedicated team of Hybris Commerce consultants who shall work on your production environment for functionality improvement & providing feasible support.

We are recognised as Silver Partners by SAP and our team of certified Hybris consultants have a good working experience of working on large-scale Hybris Commerce projects.

We would like to help you make a right decision !

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