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SAP Commerce

Become an Omni-channel Business 

In today’s digital economy, businesses are facing numerous challenges to win over the large set of digitally connected consumers. To match ever-changing needs of consumers, businesses need to deliver innovative product offerings and exceptional customer-centric experiences. In Commerce ecosystem, most of the consumers are ready to try a different brand for availing a better experiencing and service.

So knowing customers at every point and retaining their loyalty has become very crucial. By utilising SAP Commerce solution, your enterprise is able to provide customers an elegant and relevant commerce experience at every customer touch-point (web, mobile, social media, point-of sale), at global locations and in a preferred language. Eventually, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.

Customer Experience Management

Solution Components

Product Content Management


Allows you to manage all your product content from a single information source/repository across all channels providing content consistency to customers.


  • Content and catalog management
  • Workflow & collaboration tools
  • Product classification & categorisation
  • Intuitive, multilingual product cockpit

Web Content Management

web_content_managmentA marketing content and publishing tool with an intuitive UI, that offers web content management capabilities allowing you to manage web content and layout across all channels for creating highly personalised experiences.


  • Page templates for all channels
  • SmartEdit UI
  • Preview mode including device context preview
  • Drag & drop editing of components and slots

Order Management for Commerce

order_managementOrder management for commerce (B2B & B2C) helps manage the order line of customer from start to finish i.e. checkout till final delivery, along with returns management through a single view of inventory.


  • Real time inventory management across entire organization
  • Replenishment & quotation (B2B)
  • Sourcing and allocation
  • Order versioning, order routing, order replenishment
  • Omni-channel fulfillment (buy online pick up in store & buy inline return in store)

Search and Merchandising

search_and_merchanAllows you to provide your customers an effortless & intuitive search experience and customise your merchandising mix based on conversion attributes.


  • Solr based search & navigation
  • Faceted browsing, keyword & product suggestions
  • Boost & bury and visual search editing
  • Merchandising mix based on customers, business (margin, inventory) and product context.

Customer Service

CUSTOMER_CAREMake your customer service agents act swiftly with easy access to the information needed to resolve customer queries. CSA’s can access & manage customer profiles for taking actions on behalf of customer.


  • SAP Hybris Service Cloud integration including ticketing system
  • Assisted service mode
  • Native customer support cockpit for standard customer service capabilities


stock-vector-modern-vector-icon-of-traffic-growth-showed-in-charts-and-graphs-on-a-laptop-screen-premium-520092895-(1)Reach large number of your target audience available on phones by making your platform available on mobile devices (provide similar experience as web) by using our mobile-specific tools and capabilities.


  • Responsive design templates
  • iOS and Android mobile app sdk
  • Mobile optimized websites.

Go Live Quickly with Industry-specific Accelerators

SAP Commerce Accelerator is a plug-and-play solution which embeds ready-to-use features and modules of the omni-channel solution. Deploying accelerators reduces solution implementation time (by more than half) and cost. Eventually accelerating your digital transformation process.

speed_up  Industry-specific accelerators available for:-                                                 

  • B2C industries like Retail, consumer products and others
  • B2B industries like Manufacturing and similar ones.
  • Telco and Media, Financial Services, Travel, Utilities, Citizen engagement
  • Chinese retail market

SAP Commerce Business Benefits

Improve AOV


Provide an intuitive system interface across all product areas/brands which enables consumers to view purchase history, automate specific orders, able to see & avail suggested offers. This results in improved AOV (average order value).

Improved Margins 


Through a large percent of reduction in order processing costs. Possible due to consolidation of customer information in one place and real-time inventory management across entire organisation.

Reduce IT costs


Avail self-service tools for maintaining and improving website. Functional tasks such as information/data repository and content management handled by SAP Commerce modules,  PCM and WCM respectively.

Improve productivity 


Quickly data is retrieved for better information sharing across teams. Such as, updated product information, inventory levels to set actual expectations and timelines with customers.

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