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SAP Cloud For Customer (C4C)

Why SAP C4C?

In today's competitive market, focus should be to understand customer requirements thoroughly and align to them. It is very important to have your marketing and customer support teams work in sync so that you provide better customer satisfaction. SAP C4C helps you to equip your sales, marketing and customer service teams with other SAP cloud solutions so that you win with today’s empowered customers. With SAP C4C, know your customers like never before, guide your customer’s journey through every step of the way and turn prospects into promoters.

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a cloud-based solution that effectively manages customer sales, customer service, and marketing activities, and is one of the key SAP solutions for managing customer relationships. Operation expenditure value and operation maintenance comes under the scope of SAP C4C, where users can take licenses as per your requirement and it can be increased on demand.

SAP C4C solution is managed by the vendor where all operational costs and maintenance are for vendor’s to maintain. Handling client needs from anyplace is made possible with seven-layer security from cloud service providers.SAP C4C is a software-service platform (SaaS) for sales and services that consists of: SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP Cloud for Service


SAP Cloud for Sales

You get to liberate your sales people to lead the market in this fast-changing world very easily. Break down silos of customer information systematically in the back office and give it to sales teams through their mobile devices. Empower sales representatives with the information they need to know like - which customers to contact, what their issues are and also how to nurture each opportunity.

Features: Cloud deployment, CRM mobile solution, Real-time reporting and analytics, Account and opportunity management, Collaboration and social selling.


One unified
sales experience

Gain better insights into sales data and boost productivity with a seamless mobile experience, holistic customer view, with prepackaged integration of front-office and back-office solutions.

Intelligent sales with actionable insights

You can provide the right course of action that is needed to nurture leads to close. It is also required to increase sales velocity, while maximizing profitability with AI-driven prescriptive insights.

Sales performance management

Create a high-performance sales team aligned with your company’s sales strategy by incentivising behavior that maximizes revenue without overspending on commission expense.

Configure, price
and quote processes

You can go beyond automated quote and proposal processes with exact pricing behavior intelligence. Uncover trends by knowing which products are selling the most to whom and at what price.


You get complete solution support to grow a thriving subscription business focused on outcomes that impact and deliver a continuously rich and positive customer experience.

Sales enablement and learning

SAP C4C system support intelligent and impactful coaching to help your sales team win, while delivering great buying experiences every time. Also, it will help you focus on the actual work and data for better results.


SAP Cloud for Service

Stay a step ahead of customer expectations with SAP Service Cloud. This cloud-based customer service software simplifies your ability to offer multiple service channels, access complete and contextual customer information, and gain real-time insight into call centre and field service performance.

Features: Cloud deployment, Insight into real-time service performance, Mobile and offline tools for field service, Consistent service experience across channels

Strengthen omnichannel engagements

Give customers consistent, high-value service every time by handling all communication channels and maintaining customer interaction history centrally.  

Resolve customers'
issues faster

Improve first-contact resolution by using collaboration and knowledge tools to provide relevant customer and product information to contact centre agents.

On the go
customer support service 

Equip field service technicians with the mobile tools they need to resolve issues quickly and efficiently to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

customer service

Provide personalised customer care by empowering customer service agents with complete, up-to-date information; in-depth interactions; accurate ticketing; and case management.

Efficient field service
and repair management

Improve your first-time fix rate by scheduling properly skilled service technicians and providing necessary parts and account details online, offline, and with any device. 


Boost customer service performance with machine learning and Internet of Things. Automate routine tasks, improve resolution times and enable predictive maintenance. 

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