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SAP Billing (BRIM)

Deliver Better Customer Experience

An organisation has to deal with millions of customers which brings in the need of launching variety of new products and customised solutions. Therefore the operational support; service configuration, order fulfillment, customer care, and billing are becoming increasingly complex. SAP (Hybris) Billing provides the agility and scale you need to innovate your business for delivering better customer experience while the end to end order-to-cash process is transparently and efficiently handled behind scenes.

SAP Billing solution (BRIM) has potential of being utilised in varied industries like Utilities, Telecommunications, Hi-Tech, Commerce, Media and many more.

SAP Billing

Solution Components

Subscription Order Management

stock-vector-travel-budget-vacation-money-expenses-concept-low-price-flight-cheap-vacation-468506003-2Design new subscription offerings, register customers in services and packages. Customised offers at an individual level to increase revenue per customer and reduce churn.                                                                                      

Billing Meditation and Service Control


SAP Convergent Mediation enables reduction in under-billing by measuring services used by customers and making adjustments. A better customer experience is delivered due to real-time measurement & controlling of the service provided to individual user.

Pricing and Charging


Rapidly design and change customer pricing and partner offers with flexible pricing models supporting both pre-paid and postpaid business models. Handled by SAP Convergent Charging, the core rating engine for SAP Hybris Billing Solution.



SAP Convergent Invoicing allows you to generate a single, converged invoice for all products and services used by your customers (along with 3rd party billing streams), eventually reducing customer confusion and accelerated cash collection.

Customer Financials


Give your agents a 360° view of financial data by managing the revenue flow with highly automated receivables & payments handling, elegant credit and collections. Along with support for granular customer disputes and other financial issues, all with personalised user interactions.

Pricing simulation


Pricing simulation component helps you to test pricing strategies for new products and services before committing resources to their launch. Use historical consumer data to define effective pricing strategies for each customer segment and analyze it against the competitor pricing.

SAP Billing Business Benefits

Faster Innovation


Fast business model innovation by greater flexibility for introducing new commercial offers faster than the competition.

Reduce support calls


Fewer customer complaints are received when they are served with simplified, transparent bills.


Lower DSO


When accounts receivable trcks short payments and alerts staff of recurring issues or those outside a given tolerance.


Decrease costs


Decrease operational costs of billing and collections as percentage of revenue with optimised collections and dispute handling.


SAP Billing Operational Benefits

Leverage ecosystem 


Build a platform business by including third party content, apps and services along with your own. Share revenue with these partners and with resellers.


Be Transparent


Provide customers with informative summaries and details on a single bill across multiple lines of business, ensuring prompt payment and reducing billing-related customer inquiries.


Empower Business


Give business users a 360° view of customer records to accelerate cash and collections processes and improve customer service.


Scale Up


Our modular end-to-end solution is proven to integrate easily and to scale from small trials up to handling multi-billion dollar businesses in real-time.

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