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Quality Assurance (QA)

Software Testing as a Service  

With the Software industry getting more and more accustomed to Cloud infrastructure, IoT based application development and deployment – challenges have arisen in software testing when it comes to technical complexities, security issues, scalability and accessibility. With agile practices and devops procedures becoming part of mainstream application development, testing has had to become more agile to help achieve business objectives at a greater speed. To meet customer expectations on deliverables, it becomes important to fine tune testing procedures with more focus on regression and performance testing. 

At Acuiti Labs we combine manual and automated testing to help us offer the best testing service possible to our clients. Following well defined QA processes and best practices enables us to produce well designed, functionally reliable and durable software that meets the desired customer expectations.


Web Testing

A typical Web-based environment setup consists of components like the browser that displays the user interface, a web server to hold business logic and database server to serve data or business logic. It also communicates with external interface systems through asynchronous messaging queues, and an email server for notifications.

At Acuiti labs we perform testing techniques from following list on web application projects:

  • Functionality testing: For functionality encapsulated in web forms.
  • Usability testing: Construct end user test scenarios mimicking first time usage.
  • Interface testing: Tests for information flow between different application tiers (web, application, database, third party etc).
  • Database testing: Checks data integrity, consistency, concurrency, query response etc.
  • Compatibility testing: Ensures application displays correct information across different devices & browsers with different OS & its versions.
  • Security testing: Involves testing sensitive information secured by token-based restricted access, session management, SSL certificates.
  • Performance testing: Helps to determine if the system meets the defined non-functional specifications. Profiling tools are used to evaluate key performance indicators such as memory, CPU utilisation and response time for various application components against a desired baseline.

Mobile Testing 

Today’s modern business is finding more and more innovative ways of connecting with customers using mobile applications - hence there is a growing number of enterprises relying on Mobile applications as business drivers. Mobile devices, networks and storage all having different characteristics makes testing on the latest device version challenging and time consuming. Therefore, executing a good test plan covering defined testing requirements for various devices, operating systems, networks and software platforms ensure we can deliver the desired user experience.

At Acuitilabs we place emphasis on the automation of test procedures. A well organised test setup greatly reduces the time needed, excluding errors caused by the human factor. We use the latest tools such as Selenium, Appium and frameworks like Hybrid and POM to create simulated testing environments that cater to device and platform requirements in one place. This greatly reduces the turnaround time taken for testing activity in agile projects.  

We employ a number of mobile-specific testing practices:

  • Device testing: The testing of device hardware features such as screen size and resolutions, screen lock, sleep mode, sensors, sound, camera, battery usage etc.
  • Network testing: Tests different types networks, speed, connectivity conditions such as Wi-Fi internet, 3G to 5G speed test, network outage/stability etc.
  • Backend testing: Involves testing business functionality wrapped in server-side programs and exposed over REST application API. Tools such as Postman, SOAP UI, Apache JMeter are used for this purpose.

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