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Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

Today’s Mobile application has become an integral part of a person’s life and has come to reflect a consumer’s behaviour and needs through complex metadata. Due to rapid innovation in hardware, more and more advanced peripherals such as faster CPUs, more RAM, high-resolution displays, cameras, and 5G network support, the modern smartphone provides an enhanced platform for building more powerful and sophisticated applications for the consumer and businesses alike. Enterprises are utilising mobile applications to ensure they meet business goals, as the modern workplace becomes more flexible and business applications need to be accessed from any device at any time.

At Acuiti Labs we are helping our customers build next-generation business apps, integrating features such as augmented reality, chatbots, payment gateway integration, cloud integration, predictive analytics and audio/video streaming.  Whether you are looking to innovate internally, open new markets or better serve your customers – a well-designed and user-centric mobile app is still the best way to engage with users and our native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications support customers across all sectors.


Native Applications

Native mobile applications are developed in a specific language such as Swift for iOS and Java for Android. This is a fast and reliable approach that provides a high-quality graphical user experience and can easily integrate native components such as the on-board camera, along with more complex gestural navigation.

Kotlin for Android

Along with Java we offer expertise in advanced Kotlin-based development. The Kotlin language is built to boost developer productivity. Its intuitive syntax helps developers reduce code size and write clean and error-free code. Due to its support for functional programming and interoperability with Java, it has helped us offer our customers seamless transition from Java to a Kotlin code base to the benefit of their technology landscape.

Swift for iOS

Nowadays, Swift is comes up with its popularity in the programming community. It provides out-of-the-box support to not only iOS and iPad's but other platforms such as Apple watch and Apple TV. Being type safe and faster in performance than its predecessor Objective-C, it also has strong community support.

Our experienced developers have successfully implemented cloud integrated apps using the latest versions of Swift, helping us to future proof our customers’ mobile assets.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid Applications combine the best of both worlds, native and HTML/JavaScript-based frameworks. It saves time, effort and cost - promoting reuse of code in a containerised deployment environment across the Android and iOS platforms.  

We provide expertise in frameworks like Ionic and React Native for clients who rely less on camera-based features and who prioritise a smooth and fast user experience for their customers. For many of our clients a hybrid application is their first step on the route to becoming a modern business, and we are passionate about helping our customers digitise their businesses.   


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