IoT for Heavy Industry  

Oil & Gas companies and other organisations in Heavy Industry have been slow to equip their workers with mobile technology, because historically the cost of entry has been relatively high and the ROI slow to realise.  However, the paradox is that these same employee workers return home and use new technology every day, from their smartphone, voice-controlled home gadgets, and the latest computer games on smart TV’s. 

Nevertheless, industry is starting to move forwards and there is growing interest in the latest industrial mobile devices and applications integrated with IOT, analytics and AR.  Moreover, Hand-helds are now robust, available and affordable.  Connectivity in hazardous environments is a challenge but I-safe certified Wi-Fi and the newer option of 4G and 5G coverage will help to provide connectivity and enable fast access for user devices and IoT.   

Acuiti Labs provide a range of mobile solutions that combine the best in breed of hardware and software to revolutionise maintenance, warehousing, operations and execution of shutdowns and other procedures in Heavy Industry. Our IoT solutions service a number of different industries:

  •       Oil & Gas
  •       Metals
  •       Chemicals
  •       Food Production
  •       Mining
  •       Construction
  •       Facilities Management