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Enterprise Java Development

Enterprise Java Development

Java enterprise applications are composed of a collection of technologies that play a vital role in modelling the business goals and objectives of an organisation. Its core frameworks enable enterprises to transform the way business processes are controlled and managed and to build innovative applications. High performing IT organisations deploy more applications more frequently, sometimes multiple deployments per day. Today’s Enterprise application development and deployment tools and technologies help businesses to reduce time to market and stay ahead of development pipelines.

Acuiti Labs has been harnessing Enterprise Java Application development to its full potential by building innovative business solutions from our inception. With research and development at the heart of who we are, our experienced teams explore bleeding edge opensource software and transform it into the appropriate technical implementation and business solution.   


Open Source Edge

Open source technologies have gained wide spread adoption in the areas of databasing, virtualisation, messaging, cloud and artificial intelligence. The Spring Framework and its ecosystem are widely adopted by our development teams to build enterprise applications. The benefits of spring framework adoption are numerous:

  • To minimise efforts of running Spring apps in the cloud, java developers adopt Spring support for Azure & AWS to easily integrate respective cloud-based technologies into applications.
  • Spring data significantly improves the implementation of data access layers for which developers write repository interfaces, helping our clients get to market faster.

The Acuiti Advantage

API Integration

API (Advanced Programming Interface) refers to any new functional interface exposed over REST(HTTP/JSON) making it easier to re-use by integrating into existing systems. We have implemented numerous backend service APIs for many of our clients. APIs can offer significant benefits for enterprise users, allowing businesses to launch in new markets and reach more customers simply by exposing their API.

This can improve provision of services to customers, but also opening the API within the company can encourage internal innovation or opening the API to the broader developer community can fuel the development of new services and lines of business.

Focus on Security

In enterprise business today, systems security is posing a challenge, especially when applications are deployed on multi-cloud environments.  Spring security with OAuth2.0 is used to provide protected access to Web API endpoints.

With token-based authentication users or applications get protected resources access for a certain period of time by sharing a valid access token for every server interaction. Hence OAuth2.0 has become a single standard protocol to support multiple enterprise security scenarios such as certificate-based authentication between trusted servers, SSO for multiple web application and mobile application calling via web API.

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Technology-Agnostic Approach

Innovation for Enterpise

Nowhere is innovation more in demand than in large enterprises and longstanding industries that are facing the pressure of changing customer demographics and expectations, along with a litany of new digital market entrants and competitors – producing new business models and customer experiences that force big business to pay attention. Our clients value our technology-agnostic approach and we strive to pick the best tool or the job.

Our product development team brings extensive industry-specific expertise to fully capture both your product vision and business requirements by using a consultative approach with your team to propose proven yet innovative routes for achieving better performance, functionality and interface requirements.  

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