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CallidusCloud CPQ

Why CallidusCloud CPQ?

CallidusCloud’s CPQ comes with a Revenue- generation power. It is a solution that can play a larger role in the sales process as it touches on other parts of the enterprise application landscape. CPQ is central pillar to the efficient management of the sales process as a CPQ system outputs proposals and contracts which are further managed in the contract management system.

CPQ system has got an eLearning tool that can manage product questions internally. Moreover,  CPQ tool helps to gain visibility into commissions in real time. Also, it helps to gain intelligence about pricing behavior to determine pricing trends. It lets you do analytics to determine what products are selling most and to whom, around what time and location, and at what price.

CallidusCloud CPQ touchpoints

CallidusCloud CPQ touchpoints

CallidusCloud CPQ: Product Security


Enable new sales reps to sell faster by using easy-to-follow configuration and pricing processes while eliminating  errors.


  • Product catalog
  • Product configurator
  • Guided selling
  • Automated competitive cross reference


A simplified commerce solution that will improve customer experience multi-fold.


  • Customisation
  • Guided Selling
  • Support for B2B and B2C
  • B2B pricing within eCommerce
  • Promotions
  • Special offers


Handle all your complex pricing calculations in one place and leverage recommendations and margin guidance with CPQ software.


  • Multi-tier pricing
  • Up-sell and cross-sell alerts
  • Automated and streamlined approvals
  • Automated competitive cross-reference


Without IT involvement, business users can manage all offering data, rules, and workflows .


  • True enterprise grade with Salesforce integration
  • SAP integration
  • CallidusCloud Lead to Money integration
  • IT-free administration
  • Multi-tenant SaaS
  • CRM and ERP agnostic

Channel and Partners

Give all your sales channels self-service access online and through mobile devices to support distribution channels and geographies.


  • Automated channel support
  • Partner Branding
  • Guided Selling & Multi-tier Pricing
  • Promotions and Special Offers                                        

Rules & Approval Workflow 

No matter how complex a problem is. SAP CPQ automates and streamlines any approval process, 


  • Product catalog
  • Automated and streamlined approvals
  • Support for complex pricing
  • Provision for discounting rules
  • Customization
CallidusCloud CPQ: Product Security

Key Benefits

Intuitive guided selling

CPQ software simplifies complexity. Enable salespeople, channel partners and customers to quickly generate accurate quotes, by providing companies with the most intricate and diverse product configurations. Give business users more quoting power anywhere by intuitively designed interface.

Performance delivered 

SAP CPQ has the most powerful compute engine in the world, not close to any other solution. It is designed to calculate even the most complicated and lengthy quotes instantly. Purpose-built on an independent, scalable platform, it enables users to generate quotes of 10,000 lines or more in seconds.

Increase revenue 

Eliminate guesswork and onboard faster with more prescriptive pricing. Maximize your chance of closing all your deals with the right offer. Elevate the buyer experience and increase deal sizes and with recommended products your customers will want. Reach to value faster with no implementation and data scientists.

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