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CallidusCloud Commissions

Why CallidusCloud Commissions?

It is well known that CallidusCloud for Commissions is unrivaled, award-winning product - "the best of the best" - as they say!

It is the global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning, and customer experience solutions. CallidusCloud Commissions enables organizations to accelerate and maximize their lead to money processes with a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution. It also helps to enable sales force, automate configure price quote, speed up contract negotiations, and streamline sales compensation that results in driving bigger deals, faster.

It comes with a very short implementation time, so you get to use it real quick. It is built with options to optimize its scalability to always give high performance. It comes with In-depth knowledge of the commission management domain that makes the tool more intelligent. It gives users ability to carry out tasks more transparently, flexibly and to change sales activities as required.

This includes complex credit calculations and real-time reporting via mobile and portal applications. It is a suitable and highly efficient technology platform which not only supports sales in all channels, but also ensures the security and development of your business.

CallidusCloud Commission and Revsym Integration

CallidusCloud Commission and Revsym Integration

Key Features for Sales Team


  • Estimate commission from potential transactions in real time in CRM
  • View of commission plans, possibility of asking questions
  • Thorough picture of registered commissions
  • The ability to communicate disputable issues in relation to specific commissions


  • Reduction of costs by eliminating overpayments; elimination of parallel commission booking
  • Forecast the impact of changes in the commission plan on changes in the activities of sales representatives
  • Reliable reporting for better sales planning
  • Data security thanks to full control, identification


  • Fast implementation of new compensation plans
  • Investigation and settlement of non-compliance
  • Management of new employees and their contracts
  • Expenditure control based on tracking pay plans
  • Motivating sales staff with the help of gamification and leaderboards
Key Features for Sales Team

Key Benefits


Easy and Out-of-the-box integration with CallidusCloud Commissions integration brings along easy import of historical data.

UI and Reports

Configurable UI to manage accounting policies and create real-time reports. Configurable reports including cost waterfall and asset balance.

Automated Accounting and Categorization

Automated dual accounting with multiple books (i.e. ASC605, ASC 606, etc.). Automatic categorization and amortization of commissions.

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